Butter Boobs (wenban) wrote in lactivistdads,
Butter Boobs

A tough dilemma

Last night, mife told me about this group, I already know a couple of the members here, but I thought this would be a good place to go. So, I join up, and I come bearing questions from a dads perspective.

My wife had a baby a month ago, and unfortunately developed thrush. Because it got so bad, we had to resort to bottles, she wasnt even able to pump, resulting in using formula. We start treating the thrush, and finally managed to get it to go away, but there is a new problem. Our son now is unwilling to nurse at all. My wife is VERY upset about this, VERY frustrated, as am I. I do have responsibility in this as I have felt pressured to do more with our son, but I was incorrect in this, it was just my wife voicing frustration about having a child stuck to her 24/7.

Bottom line is this.

1. How do you dads handle the feeling of being left out? Not the standard, my wife doesnt pay me attention all the experts say happens, but the feeling like an outsider with your own child while your wife handles his care.

2. Any suggestions on what might be done to get our son to nurse exclusively again?

3. How can I express to my wife my understanding and concern about this, and support her to get back to nursing?

Not to sound like a new father, as we have had 8, but I am at a loss.

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