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Charity for Chicago bfing mama


Nursing Mothers Worldwide Raise Money to Help with Family Tragedy

CHICAGO – June 3, 2004 – In the spring of 2004, the members of and, websites dedicated to nursing mothers who share breastfeeding information and parenting advice, decided to organize a cookbook as a charitable fundraiser.

Upon learning that a member, Amy Lucas of Cahokia, Illinois, was tragically killed in a car accident on May 3, 2004, the members decided to donate the majority of the proceeds to the Amy Lucas Family Trust to assist in the support of her husband and five children. The Trust, managed by the Abundant Love Church in Cahokia, Illinois, will receive 80% of project profits; the remaining 20% will be donated to La Leche League International, a breastfeeding advocacy group Mrs. Lucas supported.

The cookbook, titled “Making More Than Milk: Food for the Whole Family” contains 500 recipes, helpful parenting tips and advice for nursing mothers, all contributed by members of the international community.

The professionally published, hardcover book will cost $12.00, plus shipping. All orders must be pre-paid. Orders may be placed on-line, payment will be accepted via PayPal or by money order or personal check. Orders must be placed by July 31, 2004. Cookbooks will be delivered in September.

To order a cookbook, go to

Our delicious cookbook contains over 500 recipes contributed by nearly 200 different members of our message board community. Recipes from all around the world are represented, many heirlooms that have been in families for generations. All recipes have been coded to denote allergens and special diets. The book includes food for every course of the meal from appetizer to dessert. Recipes range from very simple to very complex, from quick and kid-friendly to worthy of placement on a five star restaurant menu.

Looking for a simple, easy dinner that’s sure to be a hit with the kids? Try our favorite and famous CHICKEN TACOS recipe. This dish was requested so often by our members, it became the inspiration for the cookbook.

You might try the oft-requested ARTICHOKE LINGUINE recipe when putting together a quick, light meal with which to elegantly entertain guests.

You enjoy a culinary challenge? You salivate at the thought of a five course, romantic candlelit dinner for two? Take a peek at Eileen’s recipe for STUFFED SEA BASS OVER FIELD GREENS.

No matter what your level of skill or interest in cooking, you are sure to find hundreds of recipes that will delight you and your family for years to come when you add “Making More Than Milk: Food For the Whole Family” to your cookbook collection! Don’t delay, order today.

- Christine Orland, Editor
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